Earn 6.18% (p.a.)
on BTC

Lock-up to earn at industry-leading reward rates, featuring automatic compounding 6 times a day.

We have no tiering sytem, so you can enjoy the same reward rate regardless of how much crypto you deposit with GROW.

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Turn on Auto-Renewal to ensure that you maximize your reward earnings.

Upon maturity, GROW will reinstate your assets into the same Fixed Earn product for the same duration, so that you don’t miss out on any reward.

Expected Reward

See how much you could earn on your crypto assets.

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Expected Earnings

34.10231371 BTC


6 6.18% (p.a.)

Reward distributions will be deposited 6 times a day (every 4 hours). This calculator is indicative and for informational purposes only and is not a guarantee of actual reward that may be earned.

Expected Reward Rate (p.a.)


180 days 90 days 30 days
BTC 6.18% 4.34% 2.79%
ETH 6.18% 5.39% 3.82%
USDT 11.18% 10.24% 8.06%
USDC 11.18% 10.24% 8.06%
DAI 12% 10.5% 7%

* Same rates apply to the BSC Chain equivalent tokens.